Our story


Siôn Elis Williams, Co-founder

I grew up in Cardiff, binge-drinking capital of Wales. In my 20s I downed more than my fair share of flatliners and plenty more besides. Then I had a guts full.

I hopped on the wagon and didn’t look back. But I quickly got bored of sickly sweet soft drinks. And I tired of swigging the same old alcohol-free beer in bars. Even in  London, where I’d been living since 2007, there weren’t many options.

Meanwhile a craft ale revolution was exploding around me. I didn’t miss getting drunk. But I found myself longing for the distinctive flavours offered by alcoholic drinks no longer available to me. Hoppy IPAs. Malty milds. Bitter Italian aperitivi.

I looked into the process of removing alcohol from beer. It sounded like booze-free ales were a pipe dream. So I resigned myself to a lifetime of soda and lime.

That is until a bartender in Brewdog Cardiff opened my eyes to Nanny State, Brewdog’s 0.5% ABV ale. My tastebuds were awakened. To top it off the stuff is available on draft. A pilgrimage and a pint later and my dreams were realised.

Since then I’ve been exploring what else is out there with my good old friend , Ed. We knocked up a batch of homemade chinotto, a bittersweet Italian drink. We got some friends over for a tasting session. And now we’re on a mission to bring together the very best premium low-or-no-alcohol drinks in one place, with food that doesn’t fuck about and music played from the heart . Somewhere with soul.

Just because I stopped drinking it didn’t mean that I’d stopped looking to enjoy everything else life has to offer. If anything I wanted to experience it all the more. (Especially lots of ice cream for quite a while.)

I don’t think I’m alone in feeling this way. That’s why we’re launching a pop-up. To see who else wants these things. This place is for our pleasure . For now we invite you to join an experiment. But perhaps one day we can give it a permanent home.